Prof. SATO visit to UNSOED for 2018 Joint-KKN Coordination

[, 13/03/2018] – Prof. Tatsuo SATO, a Director of Global Education, Ibaraki University (IU), Japan visited UNSOED on Tuesday, 13 March 2018 with two main agendas, such as: (1) Coordination of the 2018 Joint-KKN Program and (2) Further discussion of Student Exchange between IU and UNSOED.



The first agenda was held at the Secretariat of Agricultural Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, UNSOED.  According to the discussion, Krissandi Wijaya, Ph.D as a PIC of the Joint-KKN Program as well as a Coordinator of the Study Program mentioned that the 2018 Joint-KKN Program will be started from the middle until the end of August 2018 involving about 15 UNSOED students and 10 IU students. The discussion was also participated by Arief Sudarmaji, Ph.D as a team member and some students of the 2017 Joint-KKN Program. (d’kg)


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